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Now you pick fabrics & trims from Sowtex design lab and use Tuka3D DE tool to create new Virtual Collections for your Customers

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Sowtex Design Lab + Tuka3D DE + 5 Assets from Tukaweb + Self learning Course

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Bring Designs to Life

No sampling resources, no infrastructure required. Our 3-D software helps you visualise and develop multiple designs in under 60 minutes.

Access Sowtex’s Design Library

Get a wide range of designs and place them on a true scale. Choose from thousands of trims and fabrics.

Save Time

Save time in making the designs & fetching approvals.

Save R&D Cost

Only proceed after the client approves the designs. This helps reduce wastage during development and sampling process.

Higher Closure Rate

Increase the probability of order closure by 50% with the design tools.


Easy-to-learn Software

Get extensive, built-in training modules. This’ll help you master the software in minimum time.

Edit in Any Design Software

You have the choice to use Illustrator, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Krita, MS Paint or TukaSTUDIO.

Play with Pantone Colours

A wide array of Pantone Colours are available in the software library.

Accurate Design, Fit & Growth

No need to spend time with the tailor and use a dummy due to our true-to-life 3D technology.

Create Virtual Mood Board

You have the option of adding multiple silhouettes to a piece of fabric on a single page.

From 3 Weeks to Just 3 Hours!

Here’s How You Can Reduce Your Sampling Turnaround Time

Life Without Sowtex Sowtex-Tukatech Advantage
Buy Raw-Material physically Source Trims & Fabrics on Sowtex Design Library
Designer spends time in planning the design silhouettes Use Tuka 3D DE Software for design visualization. Play with colours, silhouette & create design range.
Time taken from actual design sketch to physical sample construction
Check design fit/accuracy
Send physical sample for client approval Share design range with client via email or whatsapp
Client suggests changes
Make alterations back in the design Make quick changes online based on client feedback and re-share for approval
Re-send physical sample
Get final approval from client Swiftly move to final production after approval.
Finally move ahead with production

Sowtex Design Lab +


Tuka 3D DE +


5 Assets from Tukaweb +


Self Learning Course

Total Price $772

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Price $599

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Customer Reviews on Tukatech Software

Asia’s Leading One-stop Textile Sourcing Platform

No matter how long or detailed your techpack is, people just don't have the time in their day to read a book on one garment, let alone many books on many garments.

Joie Rucker

Calvin Rucker

It's not just this flat thing, we have a proper 3D rendering. We can actually provide those renders to our customers. From visual, to pattern, to sample executed, we can have a 40 minute design cycle.

WDov Charney

Los Angeles Apparel

20 years ago, I was worried about how to do the patterns and grading. Fortunately, I chose to give Tukatech a try and the rest is history.

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

About Sowtex Design Lab

Asia’s Leading One-stop Textile Sourcing Platform


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Along with Tukatech’s unique visualisation software in South Asia and Southeast Asia, Sowtex intends to provide end-to-end solutions to textile, apparel and fashion businesses -- irrespective of size and location.

About Tukatech

Labeled disruptive technologists since day one, Tukatech applications combine the artistry of traditional fashion production with the efficiency of modern manufacturing, culminating in an end-to-end fashion technology powerhouse. They simplify design and development processes and create fashion technology that companies of every size use to bring the right product to the consumer at the right time.

From 100 to 22 employees in 3 years. How Combined Fabrics became resource-efficient

Combined Fabrics had 100 people in their cutting room three years ago. Now they are MORE productive with only 22 people! Moreover, after adopting the Tukatech technology, they were able to save a substantial amount on fabrics.

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